Welcome 2019

Hi everyone,

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything here…
So first of all: Happy New Year!
Now that I wished you all an amazing year I will write a little post on how 2019 has been for me so far and the big plans I have for this year.

2019 started of well for me professionally. This is the reason why I’ve been so quiet here… I started working as a business developer at Playpass. I think you all know how hectic a new job can be. So the blog sadly got put aside a bit…


January was a busy month… We had our comedy night for the run against cancer, a trail run in Boom, a work related trip (where I did not run for 4 days, something with wine, beer and not enough sleep…) and slowly increasing my weekly mileage.
Kilometer total for January: 159KM!

I started February sick…  I had a fever and completely lost my voice. This meant a week of resting and no runs. I felt so tired and just ill in general that I did not even miss the exercise.
But better times were coming up, because this past weekend I ran the half marathon in Barcelona with Sofie! I will write a post about our Barcelona adventures later this week.
Now that I feel better I and the weather is getting better, I’m looking forward to training hard again. I did a lactate test again and Benny (the coach) clearly saw the improvements since the last time I took one.
Over the past week I also did 2 runs, a swim, an hour of Bodypump and today I will be running 20km in shorts and t-shirt (love this weather!).

But of course I have other plans for 2019. On March 10th I’ll be running another half marathon in Den Haag. I’m really hoping for a new PR there, but wait and see.
March 24th is the 100km against cancer, where I’ll be running 40km and a month later on April 28th we have the Antwerp Marathon!

I’m also drafted for the Berlin marathon in September 2019. This is the course where all the world records are broken, so let’s see what I can do there!
2019: I’m ready!


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