Urban Trail Mechelen 2018

December 8th. A day filled with rain, wind and more rain… But also the day we planned to run the Urban Trail in Mechelen.

I met with Sofie after dinner and we drove to Mechelen. We parked 10 minutes walking from the start and by the time we got there we were already soaking wet.
We picked up our bibs, t-shirts and Christmas hats and headed outside.

When we started running the rain had stopped! We were so happy.
The course was not crowded at all. I wonder if it’s because a lot of people didn’t show or if it was just well organized with the different waves. 6000 people ran and walked that day but it didn’t feel like that many.

The first stops were the ‘Dossin Kazerne’, ‘Begijnhof’ and the ‘Anker’ brewery. The brewery was the only stop where we had to wait in line to run through the building. The building is very small and it easily gets clogged with all the runners and walkers.

The next twenty or so buildings we’re not crowded at all and the weather was holding up nicely. We were even getting a bit too hot.

At the finish we received hot soup and a cold beer. When we picked up our bags and started walking back to the car it started raining like crazy again. Combined with the heavy winds, I have to say we were happy to head home.


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