Best Christmas presents for runners

It’s that time of year again…
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Oh baby it’s cold outside…
All I want for Christmas is you!

But all runners want for Christmas are running gadgets!

1. Stox compression socks – €34.95

Stox are my favorite brand for compression socks. In the sport version the have a lightweight and a regular version. Both tried and tested by me!


2. ‘Blessurevrij lopen’ Book – €25.99

When I can’t run, I love to read about running. Currently reading ‘Blessurevrij Lopen‘ (injury free running) by John Rooms.

3. Massage stick ‘The stick’ – €36

When you are like me too lazy to foam roll, try this stick… Amazing for painful muscles or just gentle massaging.


4.  Hypervolt – €399

The Hypervolt is amazing, it’s a vibration massage device to release muscle stiffness and soreness. An upgrade from the stick, but also a lot more expensive…


5. Run light Decathlon – €20

In my previous post I talked about running in the dark. This run light is my favorite one for those morning or evening runs during the winter months.


What is on your wish list this year?

One thought on “Best Christmas presents for runners

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  1. The stick is on my christmas list this year. I want the travel size to keep in my bag as I am usually heading off to work or coffee after a run.


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