Cold weather running

Fall is officially here and temperatures are dropping. I know most people say they prefer to running in the cold instead of the heat… But I’m the opposite! I don’t mind high temperatures and a lot of sweating, but I really don’t like this cold weather. People who know me, will already know this, but I’m ALWAYS cold.

So when you see me running during the winter, you’ll often find me dressed like an Eskimo. But when I’m not sure what to wear before heading out, I have a chart from Sparkpeople that I love to use.


I do take this chart with a grain of salt. For example, when it’s 10° C I still wear long sleeves for example.
I also never wear a hat, but stick with my headband all winter. The neck gaiter comes in when it’s under 5°C, especially when there’s a cold wind.


This morning I went running at 6:30AM and it was 1°C. This is what I wore:
– Running shoes
– Compression socks
– Long tights
– Sports bra
– Long-sleeved t-shirt
– Sweater
– Light jacket
– Neck gaiter
– Headband
– Gloves
And don’t forget the running light. When I leave the house it’s still pitch black outside so it’s important to be well lit.
I have one from Decathlon that’s really comfortable to run with.

DecathlonWhich running season do you prefer and what do you wear?


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