Post marathon plans

It’s been over a week since I ran the New York Marathon. My legs feel great again and I ran 2x 30 minutes in the past week. Yesterday I also went swimming. During this swim I did feel that my body is still a bit tired. Today I plan on doing yoga with Isabelle and tonight I will run for 45 minutes. It feel so good to excercise again, but my injury is bothering me again. I will have to be careful and on Thursday I’ll go back to my physical therapist.

This past week I’ve been making a couple plans for the next months. These are the races that are scheduled for now.

December 8th I’m running the Urban Trail in Mechelen. There’s a whole series of Urban Trail runs in Belgium and this is the last one in 2018. This is a 12km run that I will be doing with Sofie, no time pressure, just fun!

Long run
A month later on January 13th I scheduled a trail in Boom. This is a 13km run, but I’m sure it won’t be an easy one! This time Sofie and Toby (my 2 100km against cancer teammates) are joining me.

On February 10th Sofie and I are heading to Barcelona for a half marathon and on March 10th Sofie, Toby and I are running another half marathon in Den Haag.

Two weeks after Den Haag it’s time for our 100km against cancer run, where I will be running the 40 kilometer. We can still use all your support in our efforts to raise money.
Donations can be made online and any amount goes a long way:

And last but not least… I planned another marathon! This time in my hometown Antwerp on April 28th, again with Sofie!
Who wants to come cheer me on?

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