Ready for New York City Marathon?

That’s the question!

If you had asked me four weeks ago I would have screamed yes! I trained harder and longer than ever before. I did my 30 kilometer run without any issues and thought that nothing could stop me. Until I got injured, had to stop running, do physical therapy, dry needling, … I started to get really worried and nervous about New York and I still am a little bit.
After I arrived in New York last Friday I got a stomach bug that wiped me out for 48 hours. Luckily by Monday I felt a lot better and I did a 5 kilometer run. I did the same thing yesterday (in the outfit I will be wearing for the marathon) and it felt good. I’m still not sure this will be a completely pain free marathon, but we will see how it goes.


I will have to listen to my body and probably won’t get anywhere near the time I had in my head a month ago.
But it’s the NYC Marathon, the best one in the world! And I can’t wait to experience it again.

If you want to track me, you can do so by downloading the app and searching for Laura Deglin or my number 38287.


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