Once Upon a Run

I kind of feel like this is another big news post.

‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ is a Belgian organization that raises money for cancer research. They organize a lot of different fundraising events throughout the year. One of the most famous ones is the 1000km bike ride. Teams (or in some cases individuals) cycle 1000km over the course of 4 days and get sponsorship to do this.
Last year they introduced the 100km run. A team of four people runs 100km combined. The first runner runs 40km, the second one 30km, the third one 20km and the last one 10km.

I had heard about this run last year and this year I decided I really wanted to participate. Everyone knows someone who had or has cancer, so it’s a cause that’s close to everyone’s heart, to mine as well!
I got in touch with Sofie (who will be running her first marathon in a couple of days!!!) and asked her if she wanted to form a team. She invited Nathalie and I invited Toby and before I knew it we had a team!

Once upon 1

The concept is simple, as a team you raise 2500 euro and once you do that you get to run.
I will be running the 40km, after the 1st 10km Sofie will join me for 30km, then Toby will join us for 20km and Nathalie for the last 10km.
I’m very very excited and can’t wait to train and run…

But of course we also need your support.
You can support us by going to our page and clicking the ‘Steun dit team‘ button. This will redirect you to a page to make a payment.
When you live in Belgium and make a donation of 40 euro or more, you can deduct this from taxes.

In the future we will also organize some events, of course I will keep you posted!



Once upon 2

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