Think Pink run

In Belgium we have a campaign called ‘Think Pink’. It’s an organization that educates and  raises money for breast cancer research.
This past weekend they organized the ‘Race for the cure’ in Brussels, Antwerp and Namur. A couple years ago my own grand mother got diagnosed with breast cancer and I have a couple very good friends who’s mothers had breast cancer. So it’s a cause that’s really close to my heart.

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I decided to run in Brussels, because I had friends running there as well.
All the runners received a white or pink t-shirt (pink for women who have or had breast cancer). After a quick and efficient t-shirt pick up we headed to the start.

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The run was in Ter Kamerenbos with the big pond in the middle. It was supposed to be 6 kilometers, but after two loops around the pond turned out to only be 5.5 kilometer…
After my 25 kilometer run the day before, this was a perfect recovery run for me.
It was an amazing experience to see so many people show up and care! And all run in the same white t-shirt.

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Next time, sign me up again!


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  1. Hey Laura, Remember me? De start van Rotterdam waar ik je meteen al weer kwijt was 😊 Ik vind het top wat je doet!! Volgende keer schrijf ik me ook in voor de Think Pink run, aangezien ik veel te maken heb met mensen die in in de strijd zijn of geweest zijn met borstkanker. Doe je mee met NY marathon? Groetjes, Petra


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