The big news post

As you all know I’m training for the marathon of Amsterdam on October 21st. BUT last week things changed…
I had been dreaming about running New York again in November, but I did not get drawn in the lottery.

From April 2013 until June 2016 I lived in New York, so this city has a very very special place in my heart and part of me will always call it home. Two years ago I was so grateful that I was able to run my first full marathon in New York, what an amazing experience. After that I ran London, Gent and Rotterdam, but none of them came close to New York.

Last week I got lucky and I was able to buy a bib for the NYC marathon on November 4th! I feel so so blessed to be able to run this amazing race again. And on top of that my friend Cat bought the second bib. This means we’re able to run together…

I have to say I feel very blessed!

To get in the mood, I will share some pictures of 2016. Let the countdown begin!






3 thoughts on “The big news post

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  1. That is SO AWESOME! Very happy for you.
    I’m already dreaming of my first marathon next year and I really want it to be NYC, although Berlin is so conveniently close and nice and flat hahah.

    But you go, girl!


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