I’m back!

Okay, I know I took a really long break, but I’m happy to announce that I’m back!

After I got injured and couldn’t run I got into this writing slump and could not get myself to start blogging again… So let’s catch you up a bit.

I had my last physical therapist session mid May and slowly started increasing my weekly kilometers.
May 26th until June 10th I spent in Thailand and Cambodia with my ex-roommate and one of my best friends from New York, Melanie. I had decided even before the injury that I would not take my running shoes. It was so hot and humid and our days were so busy that I decided it was okay to take a break.


Thailand 1

After I got back from this amazing trip, I was completely pain free and ready to start running again. I ran 87.5 kilometers in June and 157 in July. For August I’m at 155 for the moment.
With Benny coaching me I started training in a way I had never trained before… Running faster and longer intervals, more kilometers, in different heart rate zones, … For my four previous marathons I had never done this and I feel confident that it will help me get faster and stronger.


We also have bootcamps at work on a regular basis, I try to do bodypump 2 or 3 times a month and yesterday I went for a 1 kilometer swim as well. I’ve been feeling very tired lately and very hungry, but at the same time my body feels great!

Happy to be back!


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