My May running plans

So as you probably know, I have not been running much… But I think my injury is almost ‘beat’.
This past weekend I was in Copenhagen where I walked 30 000 steps per day. And… pain-free!
Tuesday I did an easy 25 minute run and today a slow 40 minute run with my mom, both also (almost) pain-free!

I do still want to take the habit at the beginning of each month to talk about my running plans.

This month I have no races planned. After having to cancel the 10 miles in Antwerp I decided to take it easy and just focus on recovery.

But I do have one big and exciting plan this month: a lactate threshold test. The point of this test is to learn the highest intensity at which I can race and train before hitting the wall from high levels of blood lactate.
Too many of my trainings are in the easy zone. I never really go ‘all out’. I usually run at a pace that feels very comfortable and not really exhausting. But I also realize if I want to continue running PR’s at the marathon I’ll have to change something.

I’m doing my test with Bart Raes from Smart-Sport. For those of you interested you can find his website here (only in Dutch, sorry)!

I’m very curious to see the results of this test after a month of almost no running. And of course after this hopefully I can start training and exercising properly again. Will keep you posted!

Have you ever done a lactate threshold test? How was it?


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