What I ate this week

So what does an injured runner do instead of running? Yes, eating!
I love cooking, but I also love going out for a bite to eat. This week was a good mix between eating out and dining in!


Eten 1
Lunch in the sun at ‘Koriamber’ in Borgerhout Antwerp
Eten 2
Black pepper tofu, recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi
Eten 3
Delicious kebab wrap at
Eten 4
Taking the train to Brussels with a Starbucks Cold brew
Eten 5
My daily breakfast! Oats, cornflakes (unsweetened), goji berries, chia seeds, hennep seeds, sunflower seeds and almond milk.
Eten 6
Chocolate cake at ‘Funky Jungle’ Mechelen
Eten 7
Taco Salad at ‘Funky Jungle’ Mechelen
Eten 8
Lemon poppy seed cake made by my friend Elisa
Eten 9
Pumpkin soup made by my mom
Eten 10
Buddha bowl with red rice, air fried sweet potato chips, carrots, zucchini noodles and sesame tofu
Eten 11
Vegetables baked in the oven, salad from my mom’s garden and toast with spicy hummus for lunch
Eten 12
My favorite snack: crunchy peanut butter with an apple

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