Post-marathon blues

You’ve been training for weeks, months even for that big race. Then race day comes along and you give it everything you have. Whether you reach your race goals or not, over the next couple of days it dawns on you: ‘what now?’ To me, this is the marathon black hole.

For the first 2 days after the marathon, my body was in pain. Especially the front of my upper legs. I felt like the floor was suddenly very low and after I had sat down for a while, getting up was paired with a lot of muscle stiffness. It also felt like all of a sudden the toilet seat was very low and sitting down (and back up) was very painful. On Monday night I asked my friend Eef to come with me to the jacuzzi and the steam room. This did help for a bit, but on Tuesday I woke up very stiff again.

By the time Wednesday came around the stiffness had subsided for the most part and I started seriously thinking about where to go from here. Of course I want to run another marathon and of course I want to get faster…
I was thinking of running the marathon in Bruges, but after talking to a couple people I decided to go with Amsterdam. I booked a hotel, signed up for the race and that was that. This happens so often with marathon runners (with me anyway), at the start you ask yourself why you signed up for this race, during the race and at the finish you think: ‘never again’ and by the time you’re in the car driving home you already want to sign up for the next one!

After training with the ‘No meat athlete’ marathon roadmap for the last four marathons, I felt ready for something new. So I asked around and decided to get a coach. Someone who follows your progress and makes weekly schedules for you. From now on I’ll be working with Benny on that marathon PR! And on May 12th I’m going to test my lactate threshold (I’ll write a post to explain what this is later) to train even more efficiently.


On Friday I felt ready to run again. I met up with Tine and we ran for 7.5km. But the ankle that had been bothering me before and during the marathon, started hurting again.  On Saturday the ankle was swollen and a bit blue…
Since I couldn’t run, I decided to go out and buy new shoes. I went to Runner’s Lab in Zwijndrecht and after a foot analysis, foot scan and a quick test run I came home with New Balance shoes. Ever since I started running I wore Brooks, but they are getting too flexible for my feet. Curious to try these new ones.

Right now I can’t run or exercise until at least Thursday. Luckily it doesn’t hurt when I walk. I hope that’s a good sign! So today I went for a quick walk around the block with some friends.

Next Sunday is the 10 miles in Antwerp and I’m really hoping to feel ready to run by then… Wish me luck!

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