Instagram accounts that inspire me

Today I want to let you in on some of my favorite Instagram accounts.
Here are my 10 favorites (in no particular order):


I love Monica from ‘Run Eat Repeat’. She used to have a bad relationship with food, until she started running. Her Instagram is mostly filled with food, race day pictures and memes. I can especially relate to most of the memes she posts and retweeted several…



Kelly is the girl behind ‘Run Selfie Repeat’. She used to believe that she wasn’t skinny enough to run. Now she believes that strength doesn’t look a certain way, but feels a certain way. She proved this by running a marathon in 3 hours 41 minutes!!! She encourages everyone to run in their sports bra (when weather allows it) and to join her with #sportsbrasquad. Who’s in this summer?



These four girls run almost all of the Disney races in the USA and they go all out with their costumes. Since I’m hoping to run another Disney race very soon, I follow these girls for costume inspiration.



This Instagram page belongs to Isabelle. She’s a vegan girl, living in Antwerp and obsessed with yoga. She’s so badass that she gave up her fulltime job to follow her passion and start an online business. So even if you don’t happen to live in Antwerp, you can follow an online yoga class with Isabelle.



Elisabeth is the owner of the website. Her instagram pages is filled with food pictures that will make your mouth water and the recipes to match them. Her daughter Nala is plant based as well and if you follow her on Instagram I can guarantee you will get your fair share of very cute Nala pictures.



The NYC marathon needs no introduction. This was the first marathon I ran and is in my humble opinion the best one in the world. I sadly did not get drawn for the 2018 edition, but I’m really hoping to run it again, SOON!



Lien is the most energetic girl I know. On Thursdays she runs 10 miles before she even gets to work… When I don’t want to wake up for my workout in the morning I think about her and get my ass out of bed. And of course her pictures are so pretty!



Mei Leaf is a teashop in London with an online shop as well. Don, the owner wants to introduce people to real tea, not the bags of tea you buy in the supermarket. His pictures really make me want to drink even more tea and on his Youtube channel his gives tea tutorials that are worth watching.

Mei leaf


When I say I have a sweet tooth, I’m not exaggerating… I love desserts and preferably multiple desserts. But I do try to limit the amount of sugar I eat. That’s when Tartelies comes in handy… All her desserts are vegan, gluten free and have no refined sugar. My favorite is the shortbread, but all the other ones (yes I think I tried them all) taste amazing as well!



I follow this page because I love inspirational quotes. They post multiple quotes every day and I feel like I always see the right quote at the exact right time!



I’m curious to hear what your favorite Instagram pages are?

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