Yoga for runners

Last Saturday I signed up for a yoga for runners workshop at ‘Gezondheidscentrum Mechelen’. I’ve always been interested in yoga and I have taken classes occasionally. When I heard about this workshop I figured it couldn’t hurt to go and find out how yoga can improve my running.

We were a group of 5 people with all different levels of yoga experience. The workshop started with a short introduction of ourselves, the teacher (Catherine) and what the center does. The center also offers physiotherapy, pilates, mindfulness courses, …
Catherine first talked about running form, stretching, our daily posture, power training, mental focus and good running shoes. She also pointed out that we never really stand up straight. Just by standing straight we already train our muscles. She told me that I have a tendency to lean backwards and when she corrected my form I had the feeling that I was leaning forwards… This is something that I’ll have to pay attention to in the future. Even these small changes can make a huge difference to your running form and running in general.

Then we started doing yoga for the next hour. Since this was a workshop Catherine really took her time explaining all the postures and correcting them. We really focused on our breathing and flowing through the movements.
We finished by using the tennis balls to roll our feet (this felt so good) and the foam roller for our legs. The foam roller exercises were very painful, but Catherine said that if it’s painful, that means your body really needs it. From now on I’ll try to foam roll weekly (can’t wait!)…
After 2 hours we said goodbye and received notes of the class with pictures of all the postures.
Will try this at home for sure!

Can’t wait to hear what some of your favorite postures or stretching poses are?


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