Thoughts from a long run

Last weekend I went out for a 20 mile or 32 kilometer run.
I left the house on Saturday at 7am to run for 3 hours and 26 minutes. The temperature was below freezing, the wind was icy and it was snowing. Not ideal conditions, but what has to be done, has to be done. I brought along water and 3 GU’s (salted caramel for the win) and was ready to go.

When you run for almost 3.5 hours you have a lot of time to think…
I greeted every runner I passed and even had someone shout to me: ‘beautiful day right?’. But most of the time I was alone with my thoughts. Here are some things that went through my head:

  • I’m cold!
  • What a cute rabbit (when you actually see a rabbit).
  • Why don’t I have friends who are crazy enough to run 30+ km with me?
  • What will I eat when I’m done running?
  • When I get home later, should I eat or shower first?
  • How many calories have I burned by now?
  • I’m tired!
  • 2 seconds after I’m tired: I can keep running.
  • Why is my playlist not shuffling in the order I want to hear the songs?
  • If I run a little faster this will be over sooner.
  • If I run a little faster I can’t run another 10 miles.
  • A duck!
  • Don’t ducks get cold in this weather?
  • What kind of bird is this?
  • Mile 10, halfway point!
  • Is that the same dog I saw earlier or another dog?
  • My shoe is too loose, now too tight, now too loose, … Ugh never mind…
  • Did I lock my car?
  • Should I pee now or wait a little longer?
  • I have to pee really bad! Why did I not go earlier?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • I will be so skinny after this run.
  • If I sing out loud now, will anyone hear me?

What are some of the crazy things that go through your head on a (long) run?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from a long run

Add yours

  1. Sometimes I wish I could remember what goes through my head – because at the time they were brilliant ideas 😄. More inappropriately “I hope no-one heard that. And I’m doing well for an old girl 😄


  2. 🤣
    Time enough to think.
    Eendjes hebben niet koud in het water omdat ze geen zenuwen hebben in hun pootjes.
    Well done! 👏👍👏👍


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